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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Read (and Blog) With the Best!

As you know, reading is critical for success in Media and Communication Arts—and life in general. In order to find out what “new blogger” MCA Chair Prof. Andrea Weiss is reading, visit:


What’s your specialty? What are you passionate about … books, music, film, fashion, advocacy? To find a blog in your area of interest, visit:


Technorati lists top blogs in numerous industries. Check out a few … post comments … share your views! If you track blogs written by leaders in your field, you’ll soon become knowledgeable about a wide range of topics. This provides useful info and discussion points for internships and job interviews.

If there isn’t a blog that strikes your fancy, then create one. Your unique voice is important. Blogs are excellent tools to promote “brand you” and a weblog (or blog) is an excellent way to help refine your writing skills. Blogging and “citizen journalism” are all the rave. And, it’s fun!

Careful: the Internet is a powerful communications tool. Students are advised that potential employers track blogs for any “off color” subject matter or content. Polish your professional skills by posting meaningful blog posts that contribute to the body of knowledge in your area of expertise. Then, remember to proof, fact-check and spell-check—before posting info for the world to see!

If you have a blog, please forward your URL to ccny.mca@gmail.com; next semester, we plan to publish a list of MCA student and faculty blogs, as well as those of interest in media specialty areas (film/video, ad/pr, journalism).

Keep blogging as you pursue your passion!

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