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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lunch w/Leaders - March 18

Thursday, Mar. 18
12:30 - 2 PM :: #290 Shepard
Donna Renella
Professional Recruiter & HR Consultant

"Get a Job--Keep the Job."
How to deliver what your boss wants (not just what you know).

What does it take to succeed in the workplace? Learn what really matters to employers. You'll learn what you can do to improve your success and get ahead.

Donna M. Renella is a leading human resources professional with over 25 years of senior-level experience in agency, corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting roles. Throughout her career, Donna has been an innovator who helped design the strategies, systems and procedures of winning human resource departments.

She brings her unique mix of insight and skills to agencies and corporations who seek outstanding public relations professionals.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scroll ENTIRE Blog to Find Scholarships and Other Helpful Tips!

NEW info is posted each week. Scroll the ENTIRE BLOG carefully to learn about scholarships and upcoming events. April scholarship deadlines are fast approaching; see below. Good luck!

Lunch w/Leaders - March 11

Lunch w/Leaders
Brand Strategist Joe Pantigoso
Thursday – March 11
12:30 – 2 PM
#290 Shepard

"The Branding Solution"

Join us for the second installment of our Spring ’10 Lunch w/Leaders series featuring Brand Strategist Joe Pantigoso. This special speaker series is brought to you by the MCA Ad/PR program, in conjunction with the American Advertising Federation (AAF) student club.

Whether it's a product or service or person, choices are plentiful in today's world. Identifying how your brand is not only relevant but different is key to standing out from the crowd. And communicating that relevant differentiation in a compelling way at engaging points of touch is critical to getting selected.

Joe Pantigoso, a marketing communications specialist and former managing director of Landor, a leading brand strategy and design consultancy, will speak on the value of branding in a crowded marketplace and how to go about it, using approaches, cases and experience gained from 20 plus years at "best in class" marketing communications agencies like Landor, J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather.

Earn College Credit in Paris! March 10 Info Session

Paris Exchange Program Orientation Meeting
Wednesday - March 10
12 - 1:30 PM
NAC 5/225
Humanities Conference Room

Orientation Meeting
For Undergraduate & Graduate Students
(one year of French or Equivalent Required)

Contact Maxine Fisher if you have any questions or cannot make the meeting. She can be reached at 718.997.4608 or sylviebix@aol.com. Take advantage of this fantastic global educational experience!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PRSSA: Membership Dues are DUE March 4

Your $50 Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) dues are due Thursday, March 4; the cost covers ONE year (two semesters). If you signed an interest sheet in class, you MUST turn in your money by the deadline to officially activate your membership. ASAP, please drop off money orders, cash or checks (payable to Lynn Appelbaum #472A Shepard), along with the following info:

Permanent Address
Cell Phone
Semester/Year of Graduation

Benefits of PRSSA Membership:

> Network with other students who are motivated young PR professionals;

> Club sponsored events/lectures that help students get practice doing PR;

> Opportunity to compete in PRSSA National Bateman College Case Competition;

> Receive copy of PRSA Tactics newsmagazine every month—with helpful and timely advice to industry professionals;

> Opportunity to go to PRSSA National convention in Fall ’10 in Washington, DC;

> Makes you eligible for PRSSA national scholarships and internships;

> Looks great on your resume!

To learn more, visit:


Or, contact PRSSA President Natalee Facey, ntlfacey@yahoo.com; or Vice President Kellie Jelencovich, kelilake@aol.com.

Center for Communication - Lectures, Seminars, On Location Visits - Spring '10 Schedule Posted

Visit this website for EXCLUSIVE student “on location” visits to agencies and leading communications. There are also a wide range of seminars that you don’t want to pass up. The best thing, it’s a FREE educational and networking opportunity! All you need is a MetroCard.


The Word: NEW CCNY College Newspaper

To: The CCNY College Community
From: Student Editors of The Word

It's with a great deal of excitement that we introduce to you to The Word, CCNY's brand new student newspaper. Be on the lookout for our debut issue around campus, and visit us at ccnyword.com.

Oh, and Sp(read) The Word!


Powell Center Fellowships: Info Session March 4; Applications Due April 9

Dear faculty members, please help us by sharing the following announcement with your students. The application guidelines for the prestigious Colin Powell Fellowship Program are now available, and are due April 9th. This is an outstanding opportunity for students from all disciplines who want to explore policy making, public service, and leadership, and receive a generous scholarship. Details are found below.

Colin Powell Program in Leadership and Public Service


ATTENTION: All CCNY Undergraduates and Graduate Students
Application Deadline: Friday, April 9, 2010
The Colin Powell Program in Leadership and Public Service is a multifaceted two-year fellowship experience (one year for graduate fellows) that develops a broad understanding of public problems and the policy and leadership skills to address them. The program is open to high-achieving CCNY students in any field of study.
The Colin Powell Program Offers:
Significant scholarship support (between $10,000 and $12,000 a year), leadership training, and the instruction and skills to effectively address public problems.
Come to our informational session to find out more about the program, it’s opportunities, and how to successfully apply.

When: Thursday, March 4, 2010, 12:30-2 p.m.
Where: Colin Powell Center, 550 Shepard Hall
Who: All interested CCNY students
Erin Bowley
Director of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
Colin Powell Center for Policy Studies
The City College of New York
160 Convent Ave, Shepard Hall Rm. 550
New York, NY 10031

tel. 212-650-6335

2010 National Zenith Awards: April 1 Deadline

The Zenith Awards is a national public relations competition for undergraduate journalism and strategic communication students. Recognizing student excellence in public relations, the Zenith Awards provides an opportunity for students to submit entries of original work from a university course or an internship in four different categories:

Electronic Media
Public Relations Writing
Public Relations Publications
Public Relations Campaigns

Judges include public relations practitioners from national public relations agencies including Saxum Strategic Communications, Ketchum and Weber Shandwick.

Earn national recognition for university's journalism or strategic communication program!

For more information visit
http://jmc.ou.edu/Zenith or contact us at ZenithAwards2010@gmail.com

Information & Insight Courtesy of Prof. Alix Morrow

Check out this presentation and comprehensive list, courtesy of Ad/PR Prof. Alix Morrow.


BEYOND THE INFORMATION DEPARTMENT: Planning is about INSIGHT, not just information.

As Ewar Woowar blogger Nick Emmel says in the presentation, it is easy to get carried away with all of these resources in your hands and start churning out reams of deckage on any topic. Good planning is not about gathering every last shred of information. It is about selectively searching for the interesting bits and then turning that from information into insight. That's the magic of planning.

Best Resources for Desk Research using online sites, tools and applications:

Professional Insight - the big "traditional" resources that cost a *lot* of money

• Mintel - Big, hefty market intelligence reports
• TGI - Market Research surveys and analysis
• Forrester - More editorial reports on specific pertinent topics
• WARC - the bible of marketing and advertising specific insight
• Datamonitor - business specific insight and intelligence
• LexisNexis - news aggregation service
• Nielsen - the mecca of insight. Tools, papers, resources, everything
• eConsultancy - digital marketing specific insight

If your agency does not have access to these expensive resources, you can access them via:

• RoyalMail Infobank - A great resource in Holborn where you can use these resources for FREE
• IPA Information Centre - the lovely people here can do searches for you if you are an IPA affiliated agency

Industry Information - the "obvious" trade rags and blogs and their wealth of news, articles and commentary

• BrandRepublic - Central news resource for advertising and media
• AdAge - Global news resource
• Creativity - creative led news and opinion
• Adverblog - great aggregator of great ads
• Adrants - more advertising stuff from around the World
• This is an ad - blatant plug for mine and Toby's "alternative" advertising aggregator
• Planners Blogs - the Plannersphere wiki of all the planner's blogs (not all are active anymore)

Ideas Conferences - source of inspirational presentations

• TED - the ultimate video resource of truly inspirational speakers
• GEL Conference - more brilliant presentations from the Good Experience Live Conferences
• Interesting - Tons of stuff from Russell's Interesting conferences from around the world is online

Business Insight - the kind of planning resource that makes you credible to the big cheeses

• Economist - don't underestimate the amount of cleverness hidden here. CEO's and Marketing Directors adore it when planners quote economist articles.

Digital Marketing Insight - for when you have to justify that increasing digital spend

• IAB - Brilliant resource for internet stats and case studies

User Experience Insight - understanding the experience of your brand as well as the message

• Boxes and Arrows - great Information Architecture insight
• Good Experience - Mark Hurst's brilliant user experience resources

Marketing Trends - seeing where the market, consumer and brands are heading

• Springwise - new business ideas from around the world
• Trendwatching - consumer trends, with brilliant monthly trend briefings
• PSFK - daily news, ideas and trends aggregator from the lovely Piers Fawkes
• Contagious - Quarterly intelligence briefing

Advertising resources - when you need to look at what the competitors are up to

• Visit4info - quite cheap and thorough resource for ATL ads
• Lurzer's Archive - global ad resource
• Nielsen AdRelevance - advertising aggregator and analyser
• Xtreme Information - competitor media monitoring

Web trends - getting a wider view of activity on the web

• Google Trends - track any online trends you fancy and plot them on pretty graphs
• Google Alerts - push delivery via email of every new piece of content around a specified keyword
• Alexa - slightly flaky competitor website traffic monitoring

Professional Buzz tracking - the essential paid-for tools for any social activity

• Buzzmetrics - The daddy of buzz metrics tools from Neilsen
• Onalytica - a tasty alternative
• Integrasco - more "grown up" tracker

Free Buzz tracking - the free but slightly dodgy suite of buzz trackers. Good for indicative measures.

• Trendrr - comprehensive real-time buzz tracking tools
• Serph - realtime buzz tracking
• Omgili - Find out what people are saying
• Trendpedia - buzz tracking powered by Attentio
• How Sociable? - understanding how well a brand fares in social media
• Addict-o-matic - brilliant visual social buzz aggregator, using an automated NetVibes-type interface

Search Insight - researching keywords to see what people are searching for

• Google AdWords - understand search terms around your product and brand

Social Bookmarks research - see what people think is important content around a brand or product as opposed to an "engine"

• Del.icio.us - The daddy of social bookmarks
• StumbleUpon - recommendation driven bookmarking
• Digg - news and content with a tech leaning

Facebook analysis - Seeing how people act on Facebook

• Adonomics - bespoke Facebook application tracking (see how crap most of them are)

Blog research - for understanding what real people are saying specifically on their blogs

• Technorati - the Google of Blogs

Board Trackers - see what the topics for discussion on forums is around key words

• BoardReader - Message Board and Forum reader
• Board Tracker - and another one
• Google Groups - searching groups with Google

Twitter Research - getting under the skin of what's happening on Twitter

• Twitter Analyzer - A bunch of insightful ways to look at a Twitter account
• Tweitgeist - Twitter Zeitgeist
• #hashtags - real time monitoring and analysis of topics on Twitter
• Twitt(url)y - tracking URLs inserted into Tweets
• Twitrratr - automated Twitter analysis tool that sorts Tweets around a term into positive, negative and neutral
• Twilert - Like Google Alerts, but for Twitter...
• Tweetbeep - ...as is this
• Xefer - Pretty way to represent Twitter account usage stats

Researching Video content - understanding what people are watching online

• Truveo - online video content aggregator (with great top 10's)
• Viral Video Chart - keeping track of what's hot, with great trend graphs and tools