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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Next Lunch w/ Leaders: Oct. 14, 2010 - Save the Date!

Lunch w/ Leaders
The Ad/PR Lecture Series

James P. Othmer, Novelist
Former Creative Director
Y&R, New York
"Life on a Branded Planet"
The Search for Meaning ...

Thurs, Oct. 14, 2010
12 noon - 2 pm
#250 Shepard
Light refreshments will be served

Sponsored by the MCA Ad/PR Program and the AAF Club

James Othmer spent most of his working life in advertising, alternately enthralled by the high-octane energy and creativity the profession demands and plagued by doubts about the ultimate value of his chosen field.

In his book, Adland, Searching for the Meaning of Life on a Branded Planet, Othmer digs deep into what advertising means -- to the people who work in it, to the Internet gurus of the new "idea factories" who claim what they do isn't advertising at all, to the rest of us who consume it, relentlessly, every waking hour of the day, whether we want to or not.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fashion Media: Designing Your Career

Jump-start your career in fashion media by expressing yourself on user-generated platforms, including social networks, blogs, and online video. Top fashion media pros explore how the industry is making the most of the new wave of self-promoting stylistas.

Britt Aboutaleb, Editor, Fashionista
Amy Astley, Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue
Andy Hilfiger Owner/Pres., Andy Hilfiger Ent.; Co-Founder, Star Branding; Sr. VP, Entertainment, Tommy Hilfiger
Moderator: Marie Griffin, President/Owner, Griffin Marketing & PR

Book signing follows: The Teen Vogue Handbook

WHEN: Thursday, April 22, 12:30 to 2:00 pm
WHERE: City College of New York, The Aronow Theater, North Academic Center, (Main Entrance, 138th Street and Convent Avenue)
RSVP: Visit www.cencom.org, e-mail info@cencom.org or call 212-686-5005

This event is FREE.

CUNY/CBS TV Boot Camp - Register by Friday, April 23

CUNY/CBS TV Boot Camp is a special City University of New York edition of "60 Minutes" that offers students real-life experience producing broadcast-quality news magazine pieces.

Created in 2001 by CBS News Senior Editor Warren Lustig, a Brooklyn College and CUNY Baccalaureate degree alumnus, Boot Camp gives teams of CUNY students the opportunity to initiate compelling newscasts using facilities at their respective schools.

Bootcamp 2010 will start June 7. Interested students please email Sherley Jean-Pierre at: sherley.jean-pierre@mail.cuny.edu by Friday, April 23.

CUNY Job Blog
CCNY Career Center

PRSSA - Mix, Mingle & Drink Mocktails During Club Hours @ NAC April 22, 12 - 2 pm

Stop by the NAC Rotunda for "mocktails" Thursday, April 22, from 12-2 pm.

Treat yourself to a DELICIOUS fruit juice concoction as you mix and mingle with fellow CCNY students and members of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). If your favorite juice isn't on hand, then PRSSA reps will make sure your favorite mixers are stocked the following week!

To join PRSSA or suggest a mocktail mixed juice drink, contact:

Natalee Facey

Kellie Jelencovich

AAF Needs YOU!

CCNY’s American Advertising Federation (AAF) Student Club is recruiting NEW MEMBERS and this means YOU!

The club recently sponsored the wildly successful Lunch w/ Leaders speaker series. Come out, get involved and make suggestions for Fall speakers, events and activities! Membership in an MCA club is also a great resume builder.

For more info, contact:

Doris Lau
AAF-CCNY President

Center for Communication - Roads to Memphis

Join us for these upcoming FREE film events! Please RSVP as soon as possible: log onto www.cencom.org, e-mail info@cencom.org or call 212-686-5005.

Roads to Memphis
WHEN: Wednesday, April 28th, 6:30 pm
WHERE: NYIT Auditorium on Broadway, 1871 Broadway

Join us for the New York premiere screening of ROADS TO MEMPHIS, a riveting crosscut narrative set against the backdrop of the seething and turbulent forces that existed in the sixties. The film skillfully weaves together the fates of assassin James Earl Ray and his target, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as it follows the events that led to their violent and tragic collision.

Produced for The American Experience, this is a complex and thought provoking portrait of America in 1968. Q&A follows.

Stephen Ives, director, Roads to Memphis
Hampton Sides, author, Hellhound on His Trail
Moderator: Jeremy McCarter, Senior Writer, Newsweek

Presented with NYIT's Dept. of Communications – Manhattan

MCA Skill Builder: Activate & Participate!

CCNY Email

Activate and USE your CCNY email; you can always link your email inboxes digitally. Info about scholarships and fellowships is often broadcast via the "City Mail" list serve. Take a few moments to scroll for leads and share info with others in need.

CCNY Website

Visit the CCNY website and CUNY portal to take full advantage of all networks and resources. You'll be surprised at what you'll find!


Writing Center

The CCNY Writing Center offers one-on-one assistance for students working on writing assignments and projects from across the disciplines. Tutors will work with students on planning, drafting, and revising -- all of the important steps in the writing process. Check out The City College Writing Center homepage for valuable online handouts and materials on writing. The CCNY Writing Center is located at The Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center, NAC Building, Amsterdam Ave Plaza, 3rd floor South. Tel: 212-650-8104.
Click here for more on the CCNY Writing Center.

Career Center

The Career Center of the City College of New York is a centralized office providing programs and services to help prepare students and alumni for professional jobs and careers in a global marketplace. The Career Center is located in the North Academic Center. It serves a diverse student population of over 10,000 students and has active partnerships with more than 400 organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.
Click here for more on the CCNY Career Center.

Software Training Center

The Software Training Center (STC) was initiated in fall 2003 by the Student Technology Intern Program (STIP) to offer FREE software training to all CCNY students. The STC offers training in all Microsoft Office applications, Pelican (general college E-mail application), DreamWeaver (web creation and management application), and software installations. In addition, students can learn how to properly install and remove major software, such as Microsoft Office applications. The Software Training Center is located in the NAC Building, Room 1/200. Tel. 212.650.8366/6190 Email stc@ccny.cuny.
Click here for more on Software Training Center.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

AAF Club Meets Tues April 13 - #491 Shepard - 12:30 - 1:45pm

CCNY’s American Advertising Federation (AAF) Student Club is recruiting NEW MEMBERS and this means YOU!

American Advertising Federation (AAF)
Student Advertising Club Meeting
Tuesday, April 13, 2010
12:30 - 1:45pm
#491 Shepard Hall

The club recently sponsored the wildly successful Lunch w/ Leaders speaker series. Come out, get involved and make suggestions for Fall speakers, events and activities!

For more info, contact:

Doris Lau
AAF-CCNY President

Get Experience—Join The Campus

Dear Professors:

The Campus newspaper would like to inform you about opportunities available for your students.

As you may know, The Campus is the longest running student newspaper at City College. This semester, we have a great staff and are thrilled to continue our tradition of excellence. Former staff members have moved onto exciting and diverse careers; our current staff is not far behind.

In an effort to expand our coverage and recruit valuable members, we are seeking your help in order to flourish as the premier student media outlet for the City College and Harlem community.

If you have any students who may be interested in becoming members, please encourage them to apply. We are always looking for motivated writers, editors, designers, etc. to make The Campus newspaper even better. Students who wish to contact us may do so by email or phone. Or they can stop by our office in NAC 1/119.

In addition, we highly value the input and feedback from the school faculty and hope that we may continue to grow as a media outlet for the City College community.

Thank you for your time.

Kenya Walker
Communications Manager
The Campus Newspaper Team
City College of New York
NAC 1/119
Email: thecampus@ccny.cuny.edu
Facebook: City College Campus Newspaper

April 28 "Power Launch" - New York Women in Communications

Join CCNY Alum Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval for
"Power Launch" New Entrepreneurial Series
Presented by New York Women in Communications!

Wed - April 28, 2010
11:30am - 2pm
The Kaplan Thaler Group
825 Eighth Avenue
35th Floor Theater Room

Entrance on 49th Street through the plaza
Security reception in main lobby

CCNY Alum Linda Kaplan Thayler hosts a great summer internship program with her business partner Robin Koval. According to Prof. Lynn Appelbaum, third year students can lay the groundwork now for potential internship opportunities! Cost is $16 for students – a worthwhile long-term career investment.

To learn more and register for this important industry event,

New York Women in Communications

Power Launch
How to Turn Your Business Idea into a Reality

You've got it - a new idea, a fresh concept, a business plan that screams success. But do you have all the details covered? What are the best steps to ensure your plan doesn't fail?

If you're a current or aspiring entrepreneur, this panel is for you. Join Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of the Kaplan Thaler Group, and Robin Koval, the company's President, for an exclusive conversation about what it takes to launch your own business and stay true to your original goals.

There's no holding back at this event - expect real talk and real ideas from two women who successfully built their business from the ground up. Learn about the triumphs and the failures they experienced. And walk away with a punch list of ideas for how you can follow in their footsteps to start, manage and maintain a business that's all your own.

Wednesday, April 28

Arrival - 11:30 AM
Session- 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Networking- 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Student members: $16
Members: $26
Non members: $41

New York Women in Communications empowers women in all communications disciplines to reach their full potential by promoting their professional growth and inspiring them to achieve and share their successes in the rapidly changing world of communications.


Community Engagement Fellowships - Deadline: April 16

Community Engagement Fellowship
Applications due April 16, 2010
Academic Year 2010 – 2011

Are you concerned with the issues facing your community? Do you want to learn more about your community and affect change? Do you think CCNY students should be more involved in the New York City community?

Apply for a Community Engagement Fellowship to receive a $3,000.00 scholarship and leadership development opportunities.

The Colin Powell Center’s Community Engagement Fellowship Program seeks students who are involved in their communities, value awareness of community concerns and hope to advocate for positive change through on-going work with community organizations and/or leaders.

Community Engagement Fellowships are awarded to City College undergraduate students who, in partnership with community organizations or leaders, design and carry out projects that address communityneeds in a sustainable way. Preference will be given to projects that address any of the Powell Center’s priority areas: International Development and Security, Community and Economic Development, Education, Health and Health Care and the Environment.

Fellowships can support a variety of student-led initiatives:

 Launch a new campaign at CCNY in partnership with a local community organization

 Use your project or community partnership to educate, involve and collaborate with other CCNY students or clubs

 Connect a service project to a class you are taking or a course of study in which you are interested

 Serve at a community organization and share information with the CCNY community through informative workshops

 Fundraise for an organization and advocate awareness of the issues that the organization addresses

 Launch a new service initiative from a club in which you are involved

 Start a CCNY chapter of a national non-profit organization

 Other projects that involve the CCNY community and address community needs in a sustainable way

Community Engagement Fellows receive an initial scholarship of $3,000 and may request up to $1,500 in the second or third year of the project. Fellows are also given access to extensive leadership development programming.

You are encouraged to ask questions and discuss your ideas in advance of sending in your application. We can help you connect with community partner organizations for your project, if you don’t already have those connections. Contact Stephanie Crane, program coordinator, scrane@ccny.cuny.edu, 212.650.5239.

Applications for the Colin Powell Center's Community Engagement Fellowships should include the following:

1. Cover sheet with (1) student’s name, (2) proposal title, (3) number of credits completed, (4) estimated number of semesters remaining at City College, (5) student’s major, (6) name of partnering organization, contact person and contact person’s email and phone, (7) student e-mail, phone numbers, and address, (8) names and contact information for two references for the student, at least one of whom should be City College faculty.

a. Project Focus: Describe the external community that the project will serve (e.g. low-income families, the elderly, the homeless etc.) or the problem that the project will address (e.g. illiteracy, hunger, the environment etc.).
b. Past Experience with Proposed Project/Issue: After describing the community or issue, explain why it is important to you and list any past work you’ve done in this area. Also, explain any way that this issue or population connects to your studies.
c. Partnerships: Discuss the partnership(s) you will create with community organizations, campus groups and the City College community. *You must plan to partner with at least one community-based organization or community leader. See (4.) below.
d. Goals & Activities (dedicate one to two pages to section (d.))
Civic Engagement Fellowships must include both education and action components. Educationincludes educating and raising awareness about the issue you are addressing. Action includes the direct services you might undertake to address the issue. Describe your goals and activities in each area.

Education and Awareness-Raising
i. By the end of the year, what do you hope to teach the CCNY community?
ii. What resources/sources of information will you use to inform yourself and others about your issue?
iii. What activities will you do to inform the CCNY community about the issue(s) your project addresses? Please include a specific timeline for your self-education and examples of activities you will conduct to raise awareness on campus and/or in the local community.

Action and Direct Service
i. By the end of the year, what will your actions have accomplished at City College or in the surrounding New York City community as a result of your project?
ii. What direct service work will you and others do through your project? Your activities should address the root causes and/or symptoms of the issue you are focused on. These activities should respond to needs identified by your community partner. Please include a specific timeline for service, activities, events and action you will take throughout the year.
iii. How will you recruit other students or groups to get involved?

e. Plan to Sustain Your Project in the Future: Please address each of the following:
i. What might your efforts look like one and five years from now?
ii. What will you do to ensure that the partnership with your community organization will continue?
iii. How will you recruit, mentor and support community members and/or CCNY students to take over the project so that it continues to operate in the future?
iv. What are the challenges you foresee in making this project sustainable?

f. Personal Strengths: What personal strengths and qualities will assist you in making this project successful this year and in the future?
g. Budget: If awarded the fellowship, $3,000 is distributed to your student account through the bursar’s office. How will you use these funds to further your education and/or support your project? Also, please include a general outline of estimated revenues and expenses of your project (fundraisers, events, transportation, etc.)

3. Two recommendation letters: These should be submitted in sealed envelopes with your application, and the recommender should sign across the seal of the recommendation envelope. One of the letters should be written by a CCNY faculty or staff member.

4. Confirmation of Partnership: Include a letter or copy of an e-mail from a representative of the off-campus organization that confirms their interest in working with you on your project.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:30 P.M., Friday, April 16, 2010
Send or drop off your application to the Colin Powell Center for Policy Studies, Shepard Hall 550

Stephanie C. Crane
VISTA Program Coordinator
Colin Powell Center for Policy Studies
The City College of New York
160 Convent Avenue, Shepard Hall Rm. 550
New York, NY 10031

tel: 212 - 650 - 5239