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Friday, September 26, 2008

FREE American Marketing Association (AMA) Webcast :: Oct. 8 - 1 PM - Register NOW

The New Definition of Marketing Content:
The 5 Materials that Truly Drive Sales Conversations

Professor Gene Donati shares this FREE opportunity from the AMA:

Do you, like most marketing leaders, make targeted, well-branded
content available to your sales team at every turn? You are doing
everything right...and yet a majority of the materials you create go
unused by the field. Why? Let's start by asking 3 simple questions:

1) How are you providing content to the field?
2) How easily can your sales team consume this information?
3) Are you tapping into the "black market" of content and resources that is being used by the field (yes, great stuff really is out there!)
or are you focusing more on the content you're creating than on the
conversations taking place in the field?

If you ask most sales organizations what they need from Marketing
today, you'll hear that they're not looking for more content. Instead,
they're looking for the targeted insights, expertise, and support
critical to having a winning conversation with buyers
. These 5 tools
represent the new definition of Marketing content in leading
organizations worldwide.

Join Leigh Segall, Vice President of Marketing for SAVO and the AMA on
Wednesday, October 8 to learn how leading marketing organizations,
including American Express, ADP and Akamai are getting real about what
sales needs, and improving the way they approach, develop and
distribute content. Learn how to:

1) Push the best information into the hands of salespeople - at the right time
2) Gain real-time insight into what content is most effective and how it is being used
3) Harvest the "black market" of content, information and insight from
the field - and across the organization
4) Enable better control of the message being delivered by the field
5) Prioritize scarce resources to focus on the right initiative

Event Details

DATE: October 8, 2008 (Wednesday)

TIME: 10amPT/ 11amMT/ 12pmCT/ 1pmET


> Leigh Segall, Vice President of Marketing, SAVO
> Anna Carbonara, Moderator, American Marketing Association

COST: Complimentary



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