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Saturday, November 1, 2008

“Buy-ology” :: New Neuromarketing Book by Martin Lindstrom

MCA Senior Tara Boras highly recommends “Buy-ology” a new book by Martin Lindstrom.

According to Tara, currently interning at Young & Rubicam, “It's a research project he conducted for three years about what's really going on in peoples brains when they buy. It's a huge compilation of neuromarketing data that is absolutely fascinating! Check it out!” Tara is also Treasurer of CCNY's American Advertising Federation (AAF) Student Chapter.

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Jonathan Salem Baskin said...

Most of the 'science' behind neuromarketing isn't terribly new or conclusive: human beings remember some things better or more clearly than others, and meaning is a construct of context and personal experience. I'm not sure this is a revelation at all, actually: the Greeks wrote plays about it thousands of years ago.

Brand experts are madly searching for ways to defend their preconceived notions of marketing as a mind-control (or influencing) endeavor. Facing difficult economic times and constant challenges from employers and clients to make brand and marketing expenditures more relevant to sales, marketers need to step up and deliver.

So I find it fascinating that anybody would choose to dive deeper into the vagaries of mind or brain science, rather than 'work the other way' and experiment with defining brand more externally...in terms of the behaviors by companies and their consumers that constitute the complex dance of inquiry, transaction, and service.

You don't need sensitive sensing devices or religious faith to see and map the chronologies and dependencies of commercial relationships, so why not build models of brand that don't influence those actions but rather emerge FROM them? Brand as behavior, not thought or intent.

Anyway, I write a lot about the potential implications in my book, Branding Only Works on Cattle, and my chapter on the challenges of brand measurement is available for download for a short time on my site: http://tinyurl.com/5ne379