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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time Inc. Fall 2008 Internships Available

This opportunity was forwarded by CCNY - MCA Alum Latrice Thompson. AD/PR Majors should Contact Prof. Lynn Appelbaum to see if you’re eligible for these excellent opportunities!

University Relations is experiencing a high volume of recruiting for the Fall 2008 semester. I'm reaching out to ask you to spread the word about open positions we have available. Feel free to pass the attachment on to friends, school clubs, and professors. Anyone interested in applying to any of the jobs can email this account directly with the following information:

  1. Attached Resume
  2. Dates of Availability for an Internship
  3. Confirmation that they can receive credit
  4. Subject Heading should be: the division and department of interest

Please note – Currently we are only seeking students who can receive credit for an internship and can work at least 14/hrs a week. Full job descriptions are located on the website: http://www.hr.timeinc.com/CampusRecruiting/campus/cr_academic_intern.htm


Jamila McCoy
Time Inc. University Relations

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