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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Music Internships

Unique Music Industry Internship Available Immediately

Legal Music, LLC, a revolutionary new music industry web company is searching for motivated and creative interns.

These intern positions are appropriate for students studying Music Business, Web Marketing and Design and Event Management programs. The internship will last up to eight weeks. It will provide the students with a $200 stipend and college credits.
Students participating in the program will learn experientially various aspects of the music, internet and events industries. Intern projects will include: web based interaction with artists and bands; market research of music industry web trends; marketing and promotional activities at music venues and events; and much more. Interns will learn promotional and production skills as they help create and hone efficient and effective online methods for promoting the music industry.
The interns will have an opportunity to take the marketing and promotion skills they have learned and apply them in the real world. They will work in teams tasked with attending local concerts and festivals in order to meet with bands and fans. They will learn how to organize a street team, how to apply various branding techniques and how to interact with potential clients, sponsors and retailers and personally promote a corporate vision.

Company Owners and Staff Teaching and Leading Interns:

Impact Arts Events Group LLC, www.impactartsevents.com an event management and design company with over 25 years of event marketing, management and creative design experience has partnered with veteran Web developer, Van Ness Group Inc.
www.vngroup.com, a new media company with over 20 years experience building and
promoting Web sites, to form Legal Music, LLC.

The principles and senior staff of both companies will directly work with, lead and teach students during the internship. Students applying for this internship should be fluent with computers, self motivated and have a love for music. A very limited number of students are needed, for more information please contact:

Steve Van Ness
President, Impact Arts Events Group

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